Love in the Time of Satanism: A Parody of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 1

I made you a gift, my lovelies! As you may be aware, I’m writing tie-in novels in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina TV universe, and I love a parody, and so I thought this might be fun for both those wondering ‘OK so what’s this Sabrina all about, prep me’ and those going ‘please sir, may I have some more Chilling Adventures.’ All done in a spirit of love and fun, praise Zelda.


SABRINA: I am a perky blonde teen girl with magical powers, who lives with my aunts in a Gothical house!
AUDIENCE: Ah yes, a tale as old as time.
SABRINA: Our powers come from Satan.
AUDIENCE: … come again?
SABRINA: We live in a funeral home and only the Dark Lord KNOWS what we are doing with the corpses!
AUDIENCE: Go big or go funeral home!

SABRINA: As the time when I must commit my soul to Satan grows nigh, I’m having doubts.
AUNT HILDA: All I ever want for you is happiness.
AUNT ZELDA: All I ever want for you is to worship the Dark Lord adopt a suitable goblin companion as a familiar, and take me as your style icon and dress like an evil secretary pin-up.
SABRINA: Well, I’ll take these wise words under advisement.

AMBROSE: Dear Sabrina, as your immortally hot cousin who is under permanent house arrest for magic crimes, yes selling your soul to Satan is a big commitment, but have you considered… immortal hotness with magic powers, and being surrounded by other immortal hotties with magic powers.
AMBROSE: Just saying. Might be fun.
SABRINA: And do you think you make all good life choices?
AMBROSE: I plead the Devil’s Fifth: I refuse to answer on the grounds I’m already incriminated.

SABRINA: My mother was mortal so my aunties sent me to mortal school and at my mortal school I acquired my favorite teacher Ms Wardwell…
MS WARDWELL: Don’t get too fond of me.
SABRINA: Ominous. And my best friend Roz…
ROZ: I’m the preacher’s daughter.
SABRINA: So that’s awkward. And Susie…
SUSIE: Am I a tomboy or do I have gender identity issues?
SABRINA: We’ll be exploring that. And of course… my boyfriend, Harvey.
HARVEY (shyly): I love you Sabrina.
SABRINA: omg. Do you? I love you also!
HARVEY (quietly): yay
SABRINA: Time to have a magic dance party of being IN LOVE! Surely nothing nightmarish will shortly occur.

MS WARDWELL: instantly slain and body hijacked by a villainous demon lady, acquires fantastic blow-out.
AUDIENCE: Look I don’t want to have a demon kill me and steal my face but if she gave me a really bomb makeover that would win her back some points.
MS WARDWELL: From now on I am but a face for Lilith, the Mother of Demons.
LILITH: And what a face! Let me just accentuate these cheekbones with evil mood lighting.

GOBLIN SHADOW IN SABRINA’S ROOM: I watched you in the shadowy woods and am now lurking in a corner of your bedroom.
SABRINA: This seems pretty alarming!
GOBLIN SHADOW: *turns into a cat*
SABRINA: … I meant to say pretty adorable!
AUDIENCE WHO WATCHED THE SHOW ‘SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH’: Salem! Salem! SALEM! Hail Salem! Salem our lord and savior! Salem king!
AUDIENCE WHO DIDN’T: Aw, eldritch kitty.

WEIRD SISTERS: We are Prudence, Agatha and Dorcas, not biologically related, but orphaned witch girls with an eerie bond.
WEIRD SISTERS: We will be the mean girls of this enterprise.
WEIRD SISTERS: But we will not be cheerleaders.
WEIRD SISTERS: Though we are spiritually cheerleaders for Satan.
WEIRD SISTERS: Our style aesthetic is ‘if the Puritans went Goth and invented the miniskirt.’
SABRINA: We’re frenemies, I guess you’d say!
PRUDENCE: I think I’d use a shorter word. Think you’ll enjoy attending the Academy of Unseen Arts with us?
SABRINA: … maybe not.

SABRINA: So I’m a witch and I might have to leave you and attend witch school—
HARVEY: I’m deeply insecure and I just heard the words ‘leave you’ attached to a very far-fetched story and I’m freaking out–
SABRINA: Is now the time to calmly explain further?
SABRINA: NO! For I am also insecure about our relationship! I mean, I make all good decisions. Now is the time to wash these memories from your brain with a chant and a make-out.
HARVEY: Kissing is magic?
SABRINA: That’s how memory charms work. I don’t make the rules.
SABRINA: … But I think I should.

SABRINA: This is really a very difficult decision.
SABRINA: Personal autonomy…
SABRINA: True love…
SABRINA: High school party vs dark ritual in woods…

HARVEY, A Sweet Boyfriend: oh hi Sabrina’s wicked cousin, wanna come to a high school party?
AMBROSE, Too Cool for High School Parties & Under Occult House Arrest: I’d be banished to the nether realms.
HARVEY: Um…is that, like, a sex thing?

SABRINA: I ran from my high school party to my satanic ritual! Time management is key.
COVEN: Please sign your soul away in an orderly fashion.
SABRINA: My name is Sabrina Spellman and I WILL NOT SIGN IT AWAY!
SABRINA: Sorry aunties, I just came to the dark ritual to make a dramatic statement.
ZELDA: !!!

SABRINA: Running for the hills and personal autonomy! Running fast!
ENTIRE COVEN: in pursuit
SABRINA: … running faster…
SABRINA: Run like the devil is after you, Sabrina Spellman, because he is. And he brought friends.
AMBROSE: Thou shalt not pass, coven!
AMBROSE: Look I think you should go the immortal hotties, route, Sabrina, but I would lay down my life to defend you.
AUDIENCE: D’awwww, wicked cousin Ambrose.

ZELDA: I’ve brought the leader of our coven to talk sense into you, Sabrina.
FATHER BLACKWOOD: Satanism is cool, kids.
AUDIENCE: I get a weird vibe from this priest of Satan with the fancy cloak and matching eyeliner. Dunno what it is but not sure if I fully trust him? Maybe it’s the fangs.

MORTAL SCHOOL: Whoa check out Ms Wardwell’s makeover! Maybe she’s born with it…
LILITH: Maybe it’s Satan.

ROZ: Can you believe that this book has been banned from our school library? Censorship is the worst and also, unrelated but it’s the principle of the thing, I’m going blind!
HARVEY: I’m outraged, this book is a timeless classic!
SUSIE: Let’s use the power of our newly established four-person feminist organization to protest this!
SABRINA: When that fails, I’m going to use the power of witchcraft to fill the principal’s house with spiders!
ROZ, HARVEY AND SUSIE: … That was weird the way that happened.

LILITH: What if I sent an animated scarecrow after Sabrina?
SALEM: What if I tore it apart?
AUDIENCE: Salem! Salem king! Speak to us Salem!
HARVEY: Oh Sabrina u got a new kitty. Hi kitty.
SALEM: meow
AUDIENCE: I know Salem is sassing him. I FEEL it.

MORTAL BOYS: bother Susie
SUSIE: I will FITE them!
SABRINA: … with dark enchantments!
AUDIENCE: We feel it is established Sabrina really wishes to be helpful and that is an admirable personality trait which may soon decimate lives!

SABRINA: Pls aid me in my quest for vengeance against mortal men.
WEIRD SISTERS: We know what the boys like… high lace collars, lipstick dark as our souls, and blackmail.
BOYS: We don’t, in fact, like that last one.
WEIRD SISTERS: Huh. Don’t care.
SABRINA: I feel I have learned a valuable lesson. Magic can solve all my problems!
BOYS: We also feel we have learned a valuable lesson. Don’t follow people down mine shafts, no matter how sexy those people might be.

AMBROSE: A dead warlock has arrived at the funeral home and I have adopted his lizard. Diagnosis, maybe killed by witch-hunters?
AMBROSE: Witch-hunters are a real and pressing concern.
AMBROSE: But will that soon be plot-relevant? Who knows! Off to pet new lizard friend.

HARVEY: I would like to get a job in a bookshop!
HIS FATHER, MR ‘THE LIVING WORST’ KINKLE: Quick question, why are you garbage?
HARVEY (quietly): don’t know
MR KINKLE: No son of MINE will be working in a store peddling the devil’s written word! Sons of MINE will put the mine in ‘MINE.’
HARVEY: That’s literally the same word.
MR KINKLE: Less backchat, more being tough strong gruff and hard-drinking!
MR KINKLE: No sensitive artist types in this home.
MR KINKLE: I’m just going to keep roughing you up and moulding you into a different shape until your heart dies, k?
HARVEY: 🙁 🙁 🙁

TOMMY KINKLE: Hi little bro. Hi nerd.
HARVEY: shy smile
TOMMY: I like your freaky art.
HARVEY (quietly): thanks Tommy
AUDIENCE: That sure is the one beautiful supportive familial relationship in Harvey’s life…
AUDIENCE: Sure would be a shame if anything HAPPENED to it…

ZELDA: So Satan is suing you for breach of contract.
SABRINA: I need a lawyer to fight the devil.
LAWYER: I don’t want you as a client but I am compelled by the power of that snappy line to hear you out…

HARVEY: Sabrina, I saw a devil in the mines as a child and I have been haunted by it ever since!
SABRINA: … devils? Wow I have never… in all my born days… heard of such a thing. What even… IS a devil?
SABRINA: I’m definitely not being sued by Satan right now, if that’s what you’re asking!
HARVEY: Uh. It wasn’t.

AMBROSE: So here I am a dead warlock’s funeral with a stranger. Must make small talk.
AMBROSE: Would you like to come upstairs and see my lizard?
NEW GUY LUKE: … wow you are lucky you are handsome.
LUKE: I see we have mutual interests: getting lucky, being warlocks, maybe killing lizard familiars…
LUKE: Or possibly that last one’s just me.
AMBROSE: yay, getting lucky!

SABRINA: I’m taking off my clothes in the woods! I love and trust you Harvey! Please tell me if I have a witch mark, for legal reasons.
HARVEY: Not where I thought this was going but I cherish u, u birthmark-obsessed loon.

ZELDA: I’m deeply vexed, so I’m going to vent by murdering Hilda, then resurrecting her in our magic grave!
HILDA: Family is murder.
AMBROSE: Sometimes I worry we’re teaching Sabrina bad lessons about magic fixing all our problems and the impermanence of death…
AMBROSE: Oh well. Surely this will never come back to bite us!
AMBROSE: In say, a zombie-like fashion. Just for example.

LAWYER: I’d like to argue that there is a previous claim on Sabrina’s soul, as her Aunt Hilda tells me she was… I don’t mean to upset anyone with a fragile constitution in the audience, but… secretly baptized in a… please brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen… church.
COVEN:… *collective gasp*
COVEN: Hilda, we are shaken to our very cores to hear that you would do something like Christian baptism to an innocent baby!!!
FATHER BLACKWOOD: You are excommunicated from this coven, Hilda.
ZELDA: I am so deeply shamed.

LAWYER: Anyway now Sabrina will attend both mortal and witch school.
SABRINA: I have learned I can have the best of both worlds with no consequences!
LAWYER: I couldn’t hear that revelation over the sound of my soul getting eaten by Satan.

SABRINA: Well, I’m off to witch school, I mean… a honey festival.
HARVEY: But u r already so sweet.
ROZ & SUSIE: *retching noises*
ROZ & SUSIE: can it Romeo
ROZ & SUSIE: we blame Harvey for the incessant PDA as we all know he is the tender flower of romance around here!
ROZ: Let’s have a girls’ night at your place, Susie.
SUSIE: The face I’m making is not about my gender identity but about the fact my uncle currently appears to be possessed, I mean, having a breakdown that SEEMS oddly like demonic possession…
SUSIE: But I’m sure there’s no need to fret!

SABRINA: Witch school is menacing and festooned with ghost children and satanic statuary! That seems about the right aesthetic.
SABRINA: aces a solo for the Infernal Choir.
LADY BLACKWOOD, CHOIRMISTRESS AND WIFE OF FATHER BLACKWOOD: Haha, solo competition for Prudence. I don’t like Prudence.
PRUDENCE: Wow, screw Sabrina Spellman.

INFERNAL CHOIRBOY: Heyyy pretty lady. My name is Nicholas Scratch-
AUDIENCE: His name is WHAT!
NICK SCRATCH: As I said, hello my name is Nicholas Scratch, my hobbies include books, black clothing, books, foursomes, threesomes, but good news, also twosomes, I’m here to—
SABRINA: Audition for the role of my bad boy love interest?
NICK SCRATCH: Witches are cool, not subtle.

NICK SCRATCH: Actually I’m a big fan of your dad’s writings! Very modern and forward-thinking.
SABRINA: I’m enjoying our talk about magic homework.
NICK SCRATCH: Me too! Also I was the boyfriend of all 3 of your witch frenemies at once.
SABRINA: How do you even find time to study? Surely this is affecting your witch GPA!
NICK SCRATCH (deeply shocked): Oh no! I would never let group sex affect my witch GPA.
AUDIENCE: His name is WHAT! Still not over it!

LILITH: why does Sabrina’s soul not yet belong to our dark master?
LILITH: I mean this entirely literally: chop chop
FATHER BLACKWOOD: wow I’m very busy, expecting a baby, also a shipment of gold-encrusted cravats…
LILITH: u know what they say. Never send a high priest of Satan to do a demoness’ job.
FATHER BLACKWOOD: who says that…?
LILITH: Murdering innocents, corrupting souls, I have to do everything myself.

ROZ: Haha so, Susie’s uncle appears to have become possessed, I mean, had a shock in the mines.
HARVEY: In the demon-infested mines?
HARVEY: … I should go there.
SABRINA: Harvey I must insist that you don’t become involved in the plot.
HARVEY: I do what I like.
SABRINA: … Also don’t steal my lines, muffin.

AMBROSE: So I’m under occult house arrest because I tried to blow up the Vatican, and if I stay in this café too long tiny birds will carry my soul to perdition.
LUKE: … this is not your typical first date.

ROZ AND HARVEY: witness some unsettling possessed behavior at Susie’s place.
SABRINA: Let me run in and cure this case of possession real quick!
SUSIE, ROZ AND HARVEY: … that was weird how that happened.
LILITH: Let me kill this formerly possessed man so he doesn’t clue anyone in to my evil plans to lure Sabrina into a world of darkness.
SUSIE: Alas, Uncle Jesse, I hardly knew ye.

AUDIENCE: The poor mortals are deeply disadvantaged by the fact they are Superman’s Girlfriend and don’t know about the secret world, so whenever they appear the plot has to go hide. We’re watching the show for Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures, and the mortals currently have no chill.
AUDIENCE: Also the world of magic may soon kill them all.

NICK SCRATCH: I know what the ladies like.
NICK SCRATCH: … Forbidden literature.
NICK SCRATCH: May I provide you with an illicit journal?
SABRINA: Down the basement, lock the cellar door, and oh baby, talk banned books to me.
NICK SCRATCH: Pls enjoy this book written by your father which may help you solve eldritch riddles. Also I tucked inside the pages an application I filled out to be your bad boy love interest.
SABRINA: … that was very thoughtful.

SABRINA: I used this forbidden book to open a magic box and accidentally unleash a dream demon on my whole family, giving them all revelatory dreams!
ZELDA: I dreamed my sister stayed dead after I killed her, so I’ll stop doing that.
HILDA: I think I would like more freedom?
AMBROSE: I DEFINITELY would like more freedom.
LILITH/MS WARDWELL: Let me help you with this dream demon. I’m a witch too, and I could be your mentor, like Evil Wan Kenobi!
SABRINA: Obi Wan Kenobi?
LILITH/MS WARDWELL: That’s what I said.
SABRINA: I too have learned a valuable lesson from this dream episode! Ms Wardwell and Nicholas Scratch seem like two trustworthy and helpful people.
AUDIENCE: Sabrina pls his name is NICHOLAS SCRATCH!

AUDIENCE: I spy a bad boy love interest and ye olde traditional love triangle coming our way…
SABRINA: Thanks for that book Nick! Also I read your application to be my bad boy love interest, and you were in my demon dream, and I’m flattered but I have a boyfriend and teen love triangles lead to much strife and unhappiness–
NICK SCRATCH: May I present to you, the Satanic solution to love triangles.
NICK SCRATCH: Two boyfriends.
NICK SCRATCH: No waiting.
SABRINA: !!!!!
AUDIENCE: lol Sabrina’s face
AUDIENCE: ok bad boy love interest, you have our attention.

HILDA: Now I’ve been expelled from the coven, I guess I’ll get ME a job in a bookstore.
DR CERBERUS: Hello I am the owner of the bookstore. Am I your love interest? Do I have a dark secret? Do I always wear this cape?
HILDA: All signs point to ‘yes.’

FATHER BLACKWOOD: On special Satanic occasions I jazz up my cravat with a brocade cloak. The Dark Lord deserves my every stylin effort.
AMBROSE: I’ve been wearing PJs for 72 years.
AUDIENCE: #thereare2kindsofwitches

AMBROSE: I’m sad that Luke doesn’t want a second date.
HILDA: Have a foam cappuccino with extra love potion, I mean whip, Luke.
LUKE: Delicious!
AUDIENCE: See this is why our relatives shouldn’t set us up. They mean well, but then your aunt pours love potion in a dude’s coffee, so the dude isn’t really into you and also may be a Secret Lizard Killer. And you don’t know about the coffee OR the lizard.

LUKE: I love u now Ambrose.
LUKE: Pls join me in Father Blackwood’s all-male organization.
FATHER BLACKWOOD: there’s talking mice and freedom in it for you.
FATHER BLACKWOOD (mutters): also we oppress women.
AMBROSE: Did you say ‘undress women’? I’m in for undressing all the genders! Undressing women sounds great!
FATHER BLACKWOOD: Well we do that too. Sometimes.

SABRINA’S AUNTS: Did we ever tell u about our sacred tradition of cannibal thanksgiving?
ROZ’S GRANDMA: Did I ever tell u about our sacred tradition of being lady psychics? #roughfamilyholidays

ROZ’S GRANDMA: So witches cursed our line to see the future and go blind, which is why you’re going blind.
ROZ: go easy on the hooch, grams, k?

SUSIE: Hmm having visions of my ghost ancestor Dorothea, who regularly wore men’s clothing.
SUSIE: Hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me.
SUSIE: Then again…

SABRINA: I wonder if my stern Satan-worshipping Aunt Zelda would let me be eaten in a satanic cannibalistic ritual. Well, time to put myself in the lottery to be eaten. Only way to find out!
ZELDA: Satan grant me patience.
SABRINA: You will need it!
COVEN: The lottery says… Prudence will be Queen of the Feast! And until we ritually murder Prudence, Sabrina will serve Prudence as her handmaiden.
SABRINA: Sometimes being eaten in a cannibalistic ritual… is better…

PRUDENCE: appears in the doorway of the Spellman house
PRUDENCE: Game recognizes game.
AMBROSE: Legends only.
SABRINA: Ohnohohohno.

PRUDENCE: I hunt mortal boys for sport, I am beautiful and merciless as the dawn!!! Also I want love and acceptance, and I have instant deep appreciation for Ambrose.
AUDIENCE: It ok! Prudence has her reasons!

SABRINA: Huh, funny noises are coming from Ambrose’s room, let me investigate…
SABRINA: There’s Ambrose. And Luke. And… Prudence.
SABRINA: All the Weird Sisters, in fact. And Nick Scratch.
SABRINA: … Not a lot of clothing, though.
SABRINA: Nope, not much clothing at all.
NICK SCRATCH: omigosh it’s Sabrina! Hey Sabrina! Omigosh! Join us.
SABRINA: … scandalized to the depths of my pastel pjs…
PRUDENCE: Either join us or leave, but either way close the door, there’s a shocking draft.
SABRINA: I exit, as though pursued by sexy bears!
NICK SCRATCH: I miss you already!
PRUDENCE: Head in the game, Nicholas, please. Make it count. Some of us are being sacrificed in the morning.

NICK SCRATCH: Dear diary I spoke to my crush today! I told her she could totally have her mortal boyfriend and me too! Then I invited her to an orgy her cousin was also at! Where am I going wrong… it a mystery…
NICK SCRATCH: I suggested we do something wildly kinky and spend some sexy time one on one. I went too far there I know. She gave me a very stern look. How to make it up to her? I guess supportive affection & maybe a bouquet of whips & black roses?
AUDIENCE: Someone help Nick Scratch. He Is Trying.
AUDIENCE: On the other hand he should be locked up on the strength of his name alone.

SABRINA: You have so much to live for! You’ll see, if you come to mortal school and hang out!
PRUDENCE: I believe you are highly overestimating the compelling nature of mortal high school, but ok.
HARVEY: Hi Sabrina! Hi Sabrina’s new terrifying cousin with fantastic winged eyeliner! Anyway, I’m troubled my family historically stole their mine and genocided some… get this… ‘witches’ because we have a family tradition of being… apparently… ‘witch-hunters’?
HARVEY: So sad.
HARVEY: And it’s not like witches are even real.
SABRINA: Haha Harvey, so true.
PRUDENCE: Turns out mortal school is VERY EDUCATIONAL.
SABRINA: Ohnoohnoohno.

WITCH THANKSGIVING DINNER PARTY: turns into a mess of sexy secrets and murder secrets.
FATHER BLACKWOOD: So Prudence is my illegitimate daughter and my wife is trying to kill her.
AMBROSE: for the wild gossip I am receiving and the copious quantities of alcohol I am consuming may Satan make me truly thankful…

SABRINA: Nice that Prudence isn’t getting killed in a cannibalistic ritual but I still have one question…
ZELDA: okay I admit it!
ZELDA: I would never let one of my family members be eaten in a cannibalistic ritual for Satan! I am a disgrace to the Church of Night! I am brimful of disgusting emotions that I must hide at all cost! I am SO ASHAMED. Are you happy now?
SABRINA: 🙂 🙂 🙂

PRUDENCE: Maybe Sabrina is OK after all and maybe murder is not the solution to every single one of life’s problems.
WEIRD SISTERS: Prudence is babbling nonsense.
WEIRD SISTERS: Time to kill some witch-hunters!

SABRINA: So your dad and your grandpa, the witch-hunters, took you and your brother into a grove of goblin familiars, and then what?
HARVEY: Are you asking if I shot Bambi?
SABRINA: … maybe so…
HARVEY: Sabrina I basically AM Bambi.
HARVEY: The idea of hurting creatures horrifies me!
HARVEY: My brother Tommy did it for me.
SABRINA: Hope that one won’t come back to bite us.
SABRINA: In say, a zombie-like fashion. Just for example.

SABRINA: Harvey Harvey Harvey! I’m so sorry witches collapsed a mine on your head and that your brother among many others were slain! And that only the protection spell I cast on you stopped you from being killed too! And that my many secrets constantly endanger your very life!
HARVEY: Did what you just said make no sense, or am I concussed from a mine falling on my head?
SABRINA: I love you deeply! I’ve never had any ambiguously sexy dreams about magical bad boy love interests!
HARVEY: I’m… glad to hear that?
HARVEY: … Very sad my brother is dead tho.
HARVEY: Especially since now I am trapped in a home with a parent whose abuse is about to turn even more physical.
SABRINA: … Something Must Be Done.
SABRINA: Time for another Epic Sabrina Spellman Decision.

HARVEY: I just want my brother back.
HARVEY: Which is a normal mortal thing to say after people lose their loved ones and in no way an incitement to necromancy.
SABRINA: Right, baby, I hear you. ‘Necromancy.’ Loud and clear.

LILITH: What if I left this book entitled ‘The Dark Lord and Raising the Dead’ conspicuously on my desk.
SABRINA: I mean I’m not a ho for necromancy, but who knows?

FATHER BLACKWOOD: On the sexy topic of my wife being pregnant & u delivering the child have you considered a dream threesome… u, me and Satan?
AUNT ZELDA: how to resist the allure of pick-up lines like that PLUS devilishly elaborate cravats…
AUNT ZELDA: hey Sabrina and Ambrose aren’t the only ones who can have bad boy love interests.

SABRINA: Nick will you help me do a necromancy to raise my boyfriend’s brother from the dead?
SABRINA: ‘wow that is a crazy idea’?
NICK SCRATCH: wow that’s cute you, how do you say, ‘care’ about your mortal boyfriend’s ‘feelings.’
NICK SCRATCH: I hear that mortals have many feelings.
NICK SCRATCH: I’d be very happy to help!
NICK SCRATCH: u really put the ‘romance’ in ‘necromancer.’
SABRINA: thank u for ur support!
SABRINA: Everyone else thinks ‘raising the dead’ is ‘insane, and inevitable disaster.’
NICK SCRATCH: I’d be a very supportive second boyfriend, don’t you think?
SABRINA: Please Nicholas, I’m trying to concentrate on necromancy.

SABRINA: Time to sacrifice one of the Weird Sisters to resurrect Tommy, then resurrect Agatha via my aunts’ magic grave. Everybody lives and is happy! Congratulations to me on a foolproof plan!
PRUDENCE: I hope you learned an important lesson about not murdering people without my permission, Agatha!
AGATHA: vomits grave dirt
PRUDENCE: I begin to fear Sabrina Spellman’s Epic Plan was, in a surprise twist, not entirely foolproof.

NICK SCRATCH: How’s the resurrected dude?
SABRINA: He’s fine! He’s so great! He always said ‘braiiiins’ a lot!
NICK SCRATCH: That doesn’t sound right, but I don’t know enough about mortals to say…

SABRINA: Looks like I experimented—as every schoolgirl does—with necromancy, & the result Came Back Wrong.
AUDIENCE: I mean he Came Back Wrong But Still Cute, so perhaps we could give him a chance…
AMBROSE: Sabrina, Zombie Tommy has already eaten several human corpses.
AUDIENCE: … perhaps not.
AMBROSE: I hate to say ‘I told you so’ but even I knew this was a bad idea, and I tried to blow up the Vatican!

SABRINA: So, Harvey, witches are real, I meddled with your mind and the very powers of life and death, and resurrected your brother as the foul undead who craves the flesh of the living, and I have to re-murder him. Remember I meant well.
SABRINA: I’ll do the murder while you process.
HARVEY: I can’t let you.
AUDIENCE: Oh no, Harvey, not killing zombies is how zombie apocalypses start…
HARVEY: I don’t want you to be the person who hurts my brother.
HARVEY: So I’ll put him down myself.
AUDIENCE: Attention! Harvey is a real one.

SABRINA: *crying over the necromancy gone wrong*
NICK SCRATCH: *trying not to cry over the necromancy gone wrong*
HARVEY: *gunned down the necromancy gone wrong*
ZELDA: There there Sabrina, my sweet satanic baby lamb! If any boy hurts you I will kill them!
AUDIENCE: And enough necromancy! We need to rest in peace.
LILITH: Disagree! Time to release some murder ghosts on the town and start a ghost apocalypse.

ROZ & SUSIE: So Sabrina… given Roz’s psychic visions and also the constant possession and necromancy raging through our town, are you a witch?
SABRINA: Yes. Don’t hate me!
ROZ & SUSIE: *tenderly hug Sabrina*
ROZ & SUSIE (whisper): pls can we be in the plot more now
SABRINA: We’ll see friends… we’ll see.

NICK SCRATCH: So the bad boy thing isn’t working for you? I uhm… (shyly) I actually really believe in true love! Let me comfort your wounded heart!
SABRINA: oh wow
NICK: oh wow you see me in a new light?
SABRINA: oh wow that statue of Satan is bleeding?!
NICK: Way to salt my game, SATAN.

FATHER BLACKWOOD: Oh dear, the evil ghost apocalypse is imminent. Well, let’s all grab our tiny preserved heads in jars and flee to the curse shelters.
SABRINA: Excuse me! I have my hand up.
FATHER BLACKWOOD: I can’t see you.
SABRINA: I’ll just talk. When the apocalypse comes, what will happen to the mortals?
FATHER BLACKWOOD: uh I dunno? Get mortgages? Die screaming? Their usual.

SABRINA: I’ve evolved a foolproof plan to save all the mortals by collecting them in one place and casting a spell with my family!
ZELDA, HILDA & AMBROSE: Team town saviors! The Spellmans are the best and most loving family unit in the show!
AUDIENCE: D’awww, satanic family feels.

SABRINA: Beloved Harvey, you must come to this magical shelter!
HARVEY: Hard pass. Recently extremely traumatized by magic, staying home.
SABRINA: But when the murder ghosts come, what will you do, shoot them in the face?
HARVEY: that’s exactly my plan.
SABRINA: … not really used to being the less reckless person in a conversation…
HARVEY: I’m unexpectedly hardcore, have you not heard?
SABRINA: … is this how other people feel when they talk to me?
HARVEY: In the plot! Off the chain!

ZELDA, HILDA, AMBROSE & SABRINA: Spellman fam unite! Sure would be a shame if anyone zapped any of us away from this crucial town-saving mission…
HILDA: By the way what did you do about Harvey?
SABRINA: I came up with another foolproof plan!

NICK SCRATCH: shows up at Harvey’s door to rescue him from evil ghosts
AUDIENCE: Oh sweet Satan, Mr Teenage Dream and Mr Share Your Girl! TWO WORLDS COLLIDE.
NICK: heyyy.
HARVEY: Explain.
NICK SCRATCH: I’m a school friend of ur lady who u broke up with for reasons necromantic in nature, here to magically protect u from a supernatural threat—
HARVEY: Explain why u are handsome!
NICK: …Glad someone finally noticed.

ZELDA: How dare you summon me from my family?
FATHER BLACKWOOD: My wife is dying in childbirth.
ZELDA: Oh no… babies…
ZELDA: My only weakness.

LUKE: I zapped you away from your fam because I want you to live because I love you!
AMBROSE: ok but my family are dying.
LUKE: I love you and I don’t care about dumb ladies!

HILDA: I see my whole family got zapped away making this dire situation even more dire!
HILDA: What do we do when we are all alone facing the ghost apocalypse?
DR CERBERUS: Wow… I don’t know…

LILITH: Sabrina, perhaps, just throwing this out there, off the top of my head, you must consign your soul to evil to save your precious mortals?
SABRINA: may pause to have a private vision of the horrors currently going down at Harvey’s house
NICK: don’t feel threatened, I told Sabrina she could share us romantically & sexually!
NICK: a rider of the apocalypse is out there.
SABRINA: aaaanyway I’m sure everything is fine with all the mortals!

ROZ: You know, I’m really starting to think I should’ve loaded my grandmother up in an ambulance when she refused to leave her home, because we are about to be killed by murder ghosts.
ROZ: Like no disrespect but Gram may have been wandering in her wits.
GHOSTS: woooo woooo murder woooo
SUSIE: My ghost ancestor Dorothea will protect us!
ROZ: So your ancestor Dorothea is dressed as a guy.
SUSIE: Well, gender presentation is a complicated thing.
ROZ: Talk to me about that any time.
ROZ: … I mean not right now, because of the murder ghosts.
ROZ’S GRANDMA: I’d like to utter my last words: In retrospect, I don’t know why I thought waiting around for murder ghosts was a good idea. *dies*
ROZ: Well, sugar.
SUSIE: ???
ROZ: Preacher’s daughter, remember?

LILITH: … looks like you were driven into a corner by, well, nobody in particular but I bet she’s a smart lady and a snappy dresser, and now you have to sign the Devil’s Book…
SABRINA: looks like.
SABRINA: Ms Wardwell, don’t blame yourself, I know you did all you could.
LILITH: I have indeed been straining every muscle!

HARVEY: wow magic is so scary.
NICK: I am standing RIGHT HERE. Why must you be so hurtful.
HARVEY: angry face
NICK: I don’t like witch-hunters EITHER.
HARVEY: I haven’t EVEN DONE any witch-hunting.
HARVEY & NICK: angry face
GHOSTS: wooooo woooo murder woooo
HARVEY: wow ghosts are so scary.
NICK: … agreed.
HARVEY & NICK: *push furniture up against the door*
AUDIENCE: Not sure how that will help against ghosts but god/satan love you boys for trying.

SABRINA: my name is Sabrina Spellman and I guess I’m going to sign it away!
SABRINA: And now, time to consume murder ghosts with hellfire!
LILITH: Damn girl…
SABRINA: When my cousin Ambrose said going full witch meant ‘immortal hotties’ I didn’t think he was talking about ghosts who were literally on fire.

ZELDA: So Lady Blackwood has died giving birth to a twin boy and girl, and I just don’t feel Father Blackwood would be an ideal father for a daughter?

SABRINA: Now I’ve signed my soul away, my hair has gone white like a crown of bones. Should I be worried? Seems eldritch!
LILITH: Best get used to eldritch.

ZELDA: Hi Hilda, so I kidnapped this baby.
ZELDA: where’s my lil kidnap victim? There she is! Cootchie cootchie coo.

NICK: Time for us guys to talk about our feelings, as it seems like the women of this TV show have largely handled the plot, as is their way and which I enjoy!
HARVEY: Founding member of women’s support group. Big fan also.
HARVEY: … Unless it leads to me shooting my brother.
NICK: But, true love! So beautiful, am I right?
HARVEY: Well, uh, yes.
NICK: And because true love, which I haven’t personally experienced but I hear and read great things, one must forgive tiny errors like necromancy!
HARVEY: Sorry why are you encouraging me to forgive my lady whom you clearly have romantic feelings for?
HARVEY: WAIT! Forget I asked! I’ve had enough psychological trauma for one season. No no no. Shhh shhh shhh. La la la not listening, not here for it, that’s enough witches, I said goodnight, sir.

FATHER BLACKWOOD: Ambrose! Now I have acquired a son at the low price of one wife, it’s time for action! Join us in our quest for warlock supremacy!
AMBROSE: wow… so kind… but I think I left the iron on in my house where I live with three women & do all the ironing…
AMBROSE: Evil cult headquarters decor very chic tho.

HARVEY: Here we are. So a dude called Nick Scratch whom I fervently hope to never meet again told me you love me. Maybe–
SABRINA: Here we are. But we can’t get back together, as I’m now technically a damned soul. And, I mean, we do have communication issues.
HARVEY: Uh… Sabrina? I love what Satan did with your hair.

SATAN: Great job recruiting Sabrina to the side of darkness.
LILITH: Thanks can I be queen of hell now?
SATAN: Sounds like a job for Sabrina!
LILITH: Excuse me?
SATAN: Did I stutter?
LILITH: Ugh, perky blondes in our hellscape, stealing our jobs…

ZELDA: I stole this baby and it’s mine now. Baby possession is nine-tenths of baby law.
ZELDA: How very dare you!
ZELDA: Time to put the baby in a witch’s hut in the woods for her own protection.
ZELDA: Witches don’t have Child Protection Services.

SUSIE: I love Christmas and dressing up in costumes, who can say why costumes might appeal to me as a chance to be someone other than the person society pressures me to be…
DEMON DRESSED AS SANTA: Time to turn you into a living doll!
SUSIE: wow this is a personally distressing allegory!

SUSIE: I now have a very good impression of witches!
SABRINA: Thank Satan someone does.
SUSIE: Unlike Roz, cursed by witches to go blind, and Harvey, forced by the machinations of witches to shoot his own brother.
SABRINA: 1 out of 3 ain’t bad…

SABRINA: Fancy a sleepover and a séance?
WEIRD SISTERS: We literally have no idea what else people do at sleepovers.
SABRINA: I’ve had a nice chat with my mother’s ghost and I feel there will definitely be no disturbing revelations about my dead parents in the year to come.
SALEM: meow
AUDIENCE: I know he’s sassing her. I just KNOW it.

SABRINA: Harvey, here’s a magic Christmas present for you!
HARVEY: Sabrina pls. I was highly traumatized by magic!
SABRINA: I know, let me fix this with more magic—
HARVEY: Have you heard about the magic word ‘no’?
SABRINA: I have real trouble with that one.

SABRINA: Being a witch is intrinsically part of who I am tho.
HARVEY: That is legit but so is my trauma.
SABRINA: So sad to be broken up. Taking time apart. Processing our feelings. Considering banging Nick Scratch.
HARVEY: Worst. Christmas. Ever.

SABRINA: Now I sold my soul I guess I’m on the Naughty List forever.
ZELDA: We’re all there together. That’s what Satanic family means.
SALEM: meow
SABRINA (wiping away a tear): You’re so right, Salem. Beautifully said.


Book 1 in my Sabrina series, set before Part 1 in late summer when Sabrina enchants her boyfriend, throws down with her cousin, and bargains with a river demon: Season of the Witch is out now!

Go here to read an excerpt of Season of the Witch, in which our heroine discusses boys and witchcraft with a snake-draped

criminal dancing on a roof


Book 2 in my Sabrina book series, set directly after Part 1 in the lead-up to New Year’s when Sabrina accidentally causes a bad luck spell to hurl the town into crisis, and Prudence and Harvey deal with new and horrifying family situations. Daughter of Chaos is out in December!

Go here to read an excerpt of Daughter of Chaos, in which a dreamy artist is harassed by a minion of Satan for dating tips

The Parody for Part 2 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to be found here!

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