Sarah at the Hugos

Friends, soon I will be in San Jose, where In Other Lands is nominated for the new YA award. I am stunned and thrillighted by this honour, and of course given the shiny calibre of my fellow contestants I do not at all expect to win, but if I do, naturally I will write you guys a Luke/Elliot present.

If any of you fine people are attending Worldcon and wish to see me, here is where you will find me!

Celebrating the YA Award Category

Format: Panel
19 Aug 2018, Sunday 13:00 – 14:00, 212C (San Jose Convention Center)

Creating a new award can sometimes be a lengthy process, beginning with defining a need, generating parameters, and finally to the logistics of presenting the award. All those years of work culminate this year with the inauguration of a new YA Award category at WorldCon. Join our authors for a conversation about their novels, why they write YA and what it means to them to be the first finalists in this exciting new category.

Liza Trombi (M), Sam J. Miller, Sarah Rees Brennan, Ursula Vernon

YA vs Adult Fiction: Defining Boundaries

Format: Panel
19 Aug 2018, Sunday 14:00 – 15:00, 210A (San Jose Convention Center)

YA Fiction is a crucial part of the SFF world. What defines YA as separate from Adult Fiction? How do writers approach each of these categories differently in terms of voice, structure, themes, and market positioning? Attend this panel to learn more.

Fonda Lee (M), Miriam Weinberg, Fred Wiehe, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Katrina Archer, Sarah Rees Brennan

The Future of Urban Fantasy

Format: Panel
19 Aug 2018, Sunday 16:00 – 17:00, 210DH (San Jose Convention Center)

Urban Fantasy has already changed the landscape of speculative fiction, and continues to rapidly evolve in the worlds of both traditional and independent publishing. In this panel, experts on Urban Fantasy explore the current state of the genre, as well as Urban Fantasy’s potential to shape the industry in the future.

Richard Kadrey, Alyc Helms (M), Sarah Kuhn, Sarah Rees Brennan, Sharon Shinn

Or if you look about, you may FIND me! I am tall.


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  1. Loved your comments in the Urban Fantasy panel. I was hoping to find you later to sign a book, but never found you. BTW, one of the booksellers in the dealer’s room asked me to tell you to come by if I saw you. He had several of your books that he would have liked to have you sign.

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