Stuff! But mostly, an auction for Terri Windling.

There is an auction going on at magick4terri to benefit Terri Windling, creator of groundbreaking fantasy over the past several decades, ranging from the influential urban fantasy series Bordertown to […]

What Is She Getting Up To These Days?

This is just a post full of… STUFF. I have many things to tell and show you guys! One such thing: the Charleston Young Adult Book Festival this weekend. I […]

In My Homeland of Eire, and Fair England

I promised to blog more. 😉 This is actually quite a boring post about the stuff I will be doing for the rest of October. APPEARANCE AT THE NATIONAL LIBRARY […]

Surrender Chat

I was exceedingly pleased and excited to get a starred review for The Demon’s Surrender from the Bulletin Center for Children’s Books. Starred reviews are fancy! And rarer for later […]

The Last Lexicon Short Story

M’dears, I am so sorry this is late! Here is the free short story to celebrate the release of The Demon’s Surrender. It will (probably – there are few guarantees […]

The Sinning May Now Commence

Trilogy accomplished! The Demon’s Lexicon series has always been a bit of a changeling in the crib. About family in a Time of Great YA Romance, changing narrators every book […]