VERONICA MARS (Is Smarter Than Everybody)

Season 1 of Veronica Mars is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a perfect season of television. Seasons 2 and 3, while they had their good points, also had […]

How I Met Your More Awesome Friend

Robin Scherbatsky: ‘This just in’ is what I’m going to say when I’m stabbing you. Isn’t that a great opening line? So, I was watching The Avengers last weekend with […]

Roxanne Ritchi of Megamind

I remember going to see Megamind, the story of a stereotypical villain who becomes a hero, with faint trepidation as well as hope. I was hoping because I thought the […]

Thinkin’ About Adaptations

I cross-posted this from tumblr, because Discussions are Important, so… that’s why all the pictures. 😉 I remember being still in school, and going to see a movie called Clueless […]

Sleuth Thursday… for 2012!

I was thinking since this is a NEW YEAR, and a new year I am super excited about because I have for the first time ever oh my gosh TWO […]

Queen of the School Newspaper

It is the last Thursday in December. And that means that it’s Sleuth Thursday. It is also the Season, and I hope all those who celebrate Christmas had a fabulous […]