Date Reminder (And Watch This Space!)

Just to remind people that I will be at: Five Mad Women in the Loft The Book Loft August 3, 2012 6:00pm – 8:00pm 631 South Third Street Columbus, OH […]


So Unspoken will be out in forty-eight days, and you guys have not seen the UK cover yet! But now comes the time for me to SHOW IT TO YOU. […]

What Is She Getting Up To These Days?

This is just a post full of… STUFF. I have many things to tell and show you guys! One such thing: the Charleston Young Adult Book Festival this weekend. I […]

In My Homeland of Eire, and Fair England

I promised to blog more. 😉 This is actually quite a boring post about the stuff I will be doing for the rest of October. APPEARANCE AT THE NATIONAL LIBRARY […]

Well I’m Back…

First things first: if I owe you email or indeed hard cash, I am terribly sorry! Pneumonia has spent its time kicking my ass and calling me Sally. Even with […]

New York City Girl

I am currently in New York, where I am doing Fancy Secret Things I Can’t Talk About Yet (unless you ask me in person, I am a spoiler fiend in […]