The Last Surrender Cookie

Well, it’s June 9th, five days before The Demon’s Surrender is launched upon an unsuspecting world, and it’s time for the last cookie! I was asked for a scene with […]

Demon’s Surrender May Cookie

This is not the ninth! And I am so sorry. My puzzler is completely confuzzled by pneumonia, obviously. But, of course, my dilatory pneumoniatastic ways mean that I am LEGALLY […]

All Manner of Badness

I’m awfully sorry this cookie is not on the ninth as usual! I was at the Romantic Times convention in LA, and our internet was very, very sketchy. I have […]

And Now For Our Most Pink-Haired Cookie

It’s the ninth and we all know what that means: the arbitrarily chosen day of the month that I pass out cookies from The Demon’s Surrender! This month of March […]

February Cookie

‘Tis the ninth, and that means it is cookie time! And it is Alan’s turn to have a cookie of his very own.

The First Surrender Cookie

Jennifer Lynn Barnes, author of the I’ve-already-mentioned-fabulous Raised by Wolves has written an article in the Guardian about her top ten favourite fantasy fictional families – and the Ryves brothers […]