Characters of the Lynburn Legacy



Kami Glass

She doesn’t care that the whole town thinks she’s a weirdo. She’s fine, and she’s just got exactly what she wants: permission to start a school newspaper. But her first investigation may land her in more trouble than even she can handle, and she’s about to get something she never dreamed of: her imaginary friend is going to turn out to be a real boy.


Jared Lynburn

He’s been dragged to the sinister manor on the hill against his wishes, but that’s how Jared’s life tends to go: his father’s dead, his mother insists Jared killed said father, he’s useless at school and going exactly nowhere. All Jared’s ever had was the voice in his head…

Ash Lynburn

The prince who’s returned to claim his kingdom, the heir to the manor on the hill, the most gorgeous and charming boy in Sorry-in-the-Vale. Nobody’s as perfect as Ash seems to be, but nobody knows what secret Ash is hiding. Not yet.

Angela Montgomery

Beautiful, brilliant Angela has been Kami’s best friend since they were twelve. She hates almost everybody in the world and loves naptime. But Angela’s facade of indifference may not hold up when the world changes.


Holly Prescott

The bubbly blond femme fatale of Sorry-in-the-Vale, Holly’s never had friends who were girls and she’s never helped investigate a murder. Both those things are about to change.


Rusty Montgomery

Angela’s older brother, just as lazy but enormously good-natured: Kami figures it’s too much trouble for him to get mad. He’s trained his sister and her best friend in self defence: they’re going to need it.